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The Eagle and the Sun

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The sun peaks over the mountains
looks down upon the river flowing
and smiles

His long rays reach out to caress
as your little waves glisten in
the sunlight

The air warms in the morning sun
heat rises, letting the eagle soar

Higher she flies, her wings stretched
feeling the sun holding her
she smiles


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Let me explore
your dippled in red chocolate
snow capped mountains

Let me taste
the forbidden fruit
of your lips

Let me go down
your wild river
and play

Horse and Rider

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Horse and Rider
First you hear the sound…
gallapa, gallapa, gallapa
rising in pitch, ever so slowly as it draws closer..
gallapa, gallapa, gallapa
the ground shakes…
gallapa, gallapa, gallapa
you look to see which horizon he will come from
as the sound gets louder and louder
gallapa, gallapa
then over a hill he comes charging
prancing…a rider on a white horse…barrelling down…
the sound engulfs you so that you feel it inside
gallapa, gallapa
you see the breath of horse and rider in the mist, see their ribs moving with each labored breath
as the storm closer and closer
time stops…
yet they ride faster and harder than you thought possible
they fill up your vision
your breath stops
your heart stops
it is so loud that the sound has become part of you
and then
they pass
slowly vanish in a mist that steals the sound
and all thats left are memories
gallapa, gallapa, gallapa

Climbing the Mountain

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Take my hand
let us climb
Start off slow and easy
long slow paces
kissing tenderly
enjoying the sights

As it gets higher
notice our breathing
in unison
Stepping as one
we rise and press
higher and higher
closer to the top

We rest
for a moment
then faster we climb
yearning for the top
the delicious moment
Pushing each other
with words of encouragement
and fingers of pleasure
I lead you…push you
Almost there
the top so close
I pull you back
from the brink
Again and again
Your breath aches for the top
you inch closer each time higher
you see it, crave it
your whole body aches
for the summit

In one glorious moment
you are there
hold me
take me with you
we fall
over the edge
Tumbling, rolling together
buffetted by clouds
we glide and fly
until we land gently
to rest
and start our climb

The Guitarist

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I see you
sleek body of amber wood
deliciously curved
your lines call to me to pick you up
and play a tune…or three
I pick you up and place you on my lap
a perfect fit
my fingers slide down your neck
warming up
You start to hum so gently
Fingers deftly search out your rhythms
strumming you, strumming with you

Hold you tighter to get to those
hard to reach notes…the ones that
make it so worthwhile
We rock, we play soft, louder
faster, working together, in unison
we sing, my fingers reading your
body finding the right strings
that make you cry out
till at last, we stop
to rest…until it is time to
play again…

The Dancer

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See her spin
a cloud of mist 
swirling upward 
disco lights catch her eyes
and shine in mine
hold her
satin dress slides
across my fingers
I lower them
to feel her
to let her know
I want her
One more spin
I pull her in
tight against me
She feels my desire 
I taste her breath 
as we bend together 
and dance