Seven Ways on 7/7/7

Seven ways to hold you…

1. Your hand, leading you to the bedroom. Feel you willingly go.

2. Your face, as I kiss you. You’re eager to yield.

3. Your body, tight against mine melding together. We press and sway in unison.

4. Your breasts, cradle them, offering to my mouth. Eyes close, as you are taken.

5. Your rose bud, open her up to be savored. Hear your cries and sighs, come for me.

6. Your hands, pinned to the bed. Feel us explode together.

7. Your body, wraped around mine. Resting, sublime, listening to our breathing.

This one is a little different. First, it was inspired by the date. Is it a special day for love, lust and romance? Let me know how it turned out for you.

Second, I thought I’d try a little different format. The first part, tries to capture what I’m feeling/doing. The second part the reaction that you have.

It was a little difficult to write…much more so than the usual form. Did you like it?

Send me an email and let me know…

PS. Feel free to send in your comments or your own poems.


~ by Ron Usher on July 7, 2007.

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