Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider
First you hear the sound…
gallapa, gallapa, gallapa
rising in pitch, ever so slowly as it draws closer..
gallapa, gallapa, gallapa
the ground shakes…
gallapa, gallapa, gallapa
you look to see which horizon he will come from
as the sound gets louder and louder
gallapa, gallapa
then over a hill he comes charging
prancing…a rider on a white horse…barrelling down…
the sound engulfs you so that you feel it inside
gallapa, gallapa
you see the breath of horse and rider in the mist, see their ribs moving with each labored breath
as the storm closer and closer
time stops…
yet they ride faster and harder than you thought possible
they fill up your vision
your breath stops
your heart stops
it is so loud that the sound has become part of you
and then
they pass
slowly vanish in a mist that steals the sound
and all thats left are memories
gallapa, gallapa, gallapa


~ by Ron Usher on June 28, 2007.

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