Climbing the Mountain

Take my hand
let us climb
Start off slow and easy
long slow paces
kissing tenderly
enjoying the sights

As it gets higher
notice our breathing
in unison
Stepping as one
we rise and press
higher and higher
closer to the top

We rest
for a moment
then faster we climb
yearning for the top
the delicious moment
Pushing each other
with words of encouragement
and fingers of pleasure
I lead you…push you
Almost there
the top so close
I pull you back
from the brink
Again and again
Your breath aches for the top
you inch closer each time higher
you see it, crave it
your whole body aches
for the summit

In one glorious moment
you are there
hold me
take me with you
we fall
over the edge
Tumbling, rolling together
buffetted by clouds
we glide and fly
until we land gently
to rest
and start our climb


~ by Ron Usher on June 23, 2007.

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