The air changes
electricity touches skin
tiny pores open
as the warm breath
of the wind comes down
clouds build
pressure increases
the rising sound
of the wind
carries down to the valley
Rolling clouds threaten
building higher, building higher
buffetting against each other 
a giant tower about to fall
Thunder rumbles
muffled still awhile away
yet the roar
and the downpour
are surely emminent
wind quickens
sky darkens
clouds high enough
to touch the night stars
Rain drops
splash down
only a hint
of the deluge
that will come
The thunder gets louder
and lightening cracks the night
as the thunder screams
At last the clouds
take no more
they ache to release
their precious liquidT
he raindrops land
coating everything
like sheets on a bed
Rivers of rain
merge to flow
building into a torrent
And the thunder screams
to urge the tide
go deeper 
go faster
to get to the sea
All night the storm rages
till late in the morning
as the sun comes up
to survey the landscape
Gorgeous and golden
the rays caress river banks
as the land
starts to heat up


~ by Ron Usher on June 16, 2007.

One Response to “Rainstorm”

  1. The subtleness of this one, makes it so sexxxy As you continue to read, coming from a woman that has had many wonderful sexual experiences, you can “feel”it. …very, very sensual. Thankyou for sharing w/ me..

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