Who is Ronrigo Orlando

Ronrigo Orlando

Romantic, passionate, sexual.

He is all of this and much more.

He speaks your language of love. He knows your desire. Your wants. Your needs. Your craving.

He is everywhere. He might be the handsome stranger getting off the train. Or the bus boy with rock hard abs and buns you wanted to brush against.

Ronrigo might be the boss you fantasize about.

Or he could be that plaything you thought about tieing up.

Inspired by the great romancers of the past; Don Juan and Cassanova, Ronrigo will take you to places you might never have been or places you forgot existed.

Together with Ronrigo explore your secret desires and longings. In metaphors and sometimes explicit language share the language of love.

Sometimes you will push the boundaries.

Other times you will feel the delicious warmth of a foot bath followed by a massage with fragrant oils.

Share your own thoughts and dreams. Reply or ad your own fantasy.

Just remember that all the prose is copyright protected. After all, it is just for you.


~ by Ron Usher on June 12, 2007.

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